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Don Pancho Plaza Vieja

Don Pancho Plaza Vieja

€ 60,00 / Room

Private Room
3 Guests
1 Bedroom(s)
3 Bed(s)

Address: Plaza Vieja, Old Havana
Hosted by: Martha Elena
Check in: Fexible
Check out: 10:00 AM
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Beautiful, fresh, wide and air conditioned room located in one of the most famous places in Old Havana. The room have fridge, three beds (two singles and one double) and private bathroom. This is ideal for families with two kids or friends. From the balcony of the room you can enjoy of a panoramic view of the Plaza Vieja and surroundings. Also you can sit in the balcony an delighted with a cigar and a cup of coffe or simply appraise the sunset.
The house is in the heart of historical center and from there you can walk to any places of interested.


Points of interest:

  • Capitol Building (Prado Avenue bet/ Dragones and San José).
  • Grand Theater Of Havana (Prado Avenue # 458)(Cuban Ballet Headquarters ).
  • Telégrafo Hotel ((Prado Avenue# 408 corner to Neptuno) (Currency exchange, To access the internet,store, trip plans) .
  • Plaza Hotel (Neptuno Avanue # 267 bet/ Monserrate and Zulueta).(Currency exchange, To access the internet,store, trip plans) 
  • Parque Central Hotel(Neptuno esq a Prado)(Currency exchange, To access the internet,store, trip plans).
  • Inglaterra Hotel(Prado Avenue # 416 corner to San Rafael).(Currency exchange, To access the internet,store, trip plans)
  • Sevilla Hotel(Currency exchange, To access the internet, store, trip plans)
  • Music House.
  • Tobacco Factory Partagás ( Industria and Dragones).
  • National Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Revolution Museum.
  • Spanish Embassy and Consulate.
  • Commercial Phone Office (Aguila and Dragones).
  • Mi Habana Spa (Consulado #254 bet/animas and Virtudes) Massages.
  • Cash dispenser ( Neptuno and Industria).
  • Pharmacy (San Rafael and Industria).


Foods and Drinks:

  • Chinnese town ( Manrique bet/ Salud and Dragones)
  • Prado and Neptuno Restaurant. Italian food
  • La california Bar- Restaurant  (Crespo # 55 bet/ San Lázaro and Refugio) Creole and internacional food
  • Arcángel Caffe ( Concordia # 57 bet/Águila and  Galiano) specialized in coctels where the  main ingredient is the cuban coffe
  • El Canchullero Restaurante( Teniente Rey # 457 ground floor bet/ Bernaza and El Cristo) no conventional enviroment and very local. Creole food and drinks
  • La gitana Restaurant-Bar( San Lázaro bet/ Aguila and Blanco)
  • Bar- Restaurant- Store Castropol ( Malecón# 107 bet/ Genio and Crespo)  It has two restaurants and a Bakery. Grill and Italian food.



  • Prado and Neptuno




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