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Casa Tropical. Havana Center

Casa Tropical. Havana Center

€ 40,00 / Room

Private Room
13 Guests
5 Bedroom(s)
8 Bed(s)

Address: Industria and Bernal. Havana Center
Hosted by: Mary y Gerson
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Colonial property, with wide large windows and balcony. It has an outdoors terrace. Beautiful interior courtyard, ideal to take breakfasts with friends. 
Important: Price refers to each room, ask us for more bedrooms.


Points of interest:

  • Capitol Building (Prado Avenue bet/ Dragones and San José).
  • Grand Theater Of Havana (Prado Avenue # 458)(Cuban Ballet Headquarters ).
  • Telégrafo Hotel ((Prado Avenue# 408 corner to Neptuno) (Currency exchange, To access the internet,store, trip plans) .
  • Plaza Hotel (Neptuno Avanue # 267 bet/ Monserrate and Zulueta).(Currency exchange, To access the internet,store, trip plans)
  • Parque Central Hotel(Neptuno esq a Prado)(Currency exchange, To access the internet,store, trip plans).
  • Inglaterra Hotel(Prado Avenue # 416 corner to San Rafael).(Currency exchange, To access the internet,store, trip plans)
  • Sevilla Hotel(Currency exchange, To access the internet, store, trip plans)
  • Music House.
  • Tobacco Factory Partagás ( Industria and Dragones).
  • National Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Revolution Museum.
  • Spanish Embassy and Consulate.
  • Commercial Phone Office (Aguila and Dragones).
  • Mi Habana Spa (Consulado #254 bet/animas and Virtudes) Massages.
  • Cash dispenser ( Neptuno and Industria).
  • Drug Store (San Rafael and Industria).


Foods and Drinks:

  • Chinnese town ( Manrique bet/ Salud and Dragones)
  • Prado and Neptuno Restaurant. Italian food
  • La california Bar- Restaurant (Crespo # 55 bet/ San Lázaro and Refugio) Creole and internacional food
  • Arcángel Caffe ( Concordia # 57 bet/Águila and Galiano) specialized in coctels where the main ingredient is the cuban coffe
  • El Canchullero Restaurante( Teniente Rey # 457 ground floor bet/ Bernaza and El Cristo) no conventional enviroment and very local. Creole food and drinks
  • La gitana Restaurant-Bar( San Lázaro bet/ Aguila and Blanco)
  • Bar- Restaurant- Store Castropol ( Malecón# 107 bet/ Genio and Crespo) It has two restaurants and a Bakery. Grill and Italian food.



  • Prado and Neptuno




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