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Trump began the rollback on June 16, with regime-change rhetoric and a new directive curtailing the ability of individual US citizens to travel to Cuba. His administration further scared potential travelers by announcing a “travel warning” in late September, tied to the mysterious maladies that affected US Embassy personnel last winter.

Cuba has a double currency system that sometimes can be confused for the visitor. Where to change? Are credit cards accepted? What´s the exchange rate?? Does the dollar have a tax?? This are very frequent and valid questions for any tourist visiting Cuba.

Not you do know what type of clothes to bring to Cuba to feel comfortable and not to feel awkward? Coming next, some useful suggestions.

On June 16th, 2017, President Trump, as part as his very apparent trend, announced he would roll back deals made by President Barak Obama and President Raul Castro in relation to United States citizens traveling to Cuba. This article has been taken from the website of the Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Here we offer our client very important tips to keep in mind before you come to our country about the weather, how to comunicate, how to get an internet connection and other that can make your stay more confortable.

Cubans are a mostly a mixture of Spanish and African traditions and roots, but they are also influenced by Chinese, Arab, French and Italian cultures. All these inheritances have marked Cubans and their behavior. The happiness and the hospitality of Cubans makes it easy to connect with them. To travel to Cuba one should know how to act on the island. 

The physical and natural characteristics of Cuba give impetuous to the Healthy Tourism among those who visit the Island. There are several attractive options to revise. Healthy tourism consists on the attention given to people who want to enjoy places where they find healthy, educational and recreational leisure doings and at the same time they can take care of their health.

In Cuba there are several ways to travel in the Capital and beyond. Most Cubans moved by bus to the daily routines and there are different options to make long trips to provinces.


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