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In Cuba there are several ways to travel in the Capital and beyond. Most Cubans moved by bus to the daily routines and there are different options to make long trips to provinces.

The options are:

Buses (buses, Bus and camellos): The public transport. The price is cents of Cuban pesos and there are stops where people board the bus to travel to a particular area of the city. Multiple paths and each has a specific route. In this mode a larger buses called camellos (camels) follow a route also. This type of transport has no fixed schedule but are cheaper. If you want to avoid agglomeration avoid this type of transport in peak hours. It carries a lot of people. The Bus in Havana, form the backbone of public transport in the city. Network Bus is connected to the suburban transport in the metropolitan area of ​​Havana.

Taxi bus: A new variant with drivers who must give a percentage of their earnings to the state. This transport is widespread around the city and go through the main streets and have fewer variants of route for only driven on major routes. The cost of transportation is 5 Cuban pesos. Have comfort, only they carry seated passengers, are small (only 32 seats), and with air-conditioning. This method has emerged to support the bus traffic in an economical manner.

Taxi 10 pesos (boteros): They are generally old (vintage) cars from the 50s. As the name indicates the cost per person is 10 Cuban pesos a little more expensive than previous. If the route is larger it could cost double. They make routes of all kinds but are fixed. Transportation is shared with several people and there are stops at different points of the city. They are private drivers so it is possible to agree a different price and make other more specifics or long distances and also to travel alone.

Panataxis: Regular taxi with mile counter, do the tours the customer wants and is paid in CUC (from 0.5 to 1.00 CUC / km ). They can be addressed in hotels, airports and anywhere in the city. They move in and out of Havana. These tours are chauffeured.

Tourist bus: A bus with fixed routes but are quite long distances and day costs 10 CUC per person and can be boarded in and out during the day as often as you like. Always going by major avenues and have specific routes with different stops. Is very tourist oriented. You can go in the roof to watch the suroundings. Beware of putting some sunblock in your skin/face. Cuban sun is very agressive and climate is very salty.

Viazul. Transportation paid in CUC and used to go outside Havana to any province. They have fixed routes and departure times. Leave the terminal on Ave 26 in front of the National Zoo. Prices vary according to the route but are much cheaper if they are two people than a taxi from individuals. For more information visit 

Airlines domestic flights. In Cuba there are several airports in different provinces including Havana (capital) and there are two airlines of which can be arranged for trips to other provinces. One is Cubana and the other is Aerocaribean. Both offices are in 23 and P, Vedado Havana and sell tickets to various tourist destinations in Cuba. To buy a ticket only you must carry your passport, check availability by destination and buy ticket. Prices are in CUC.

Car rental: You can rent cars for days or for specific routes. There are modern cars and others that are Vintage Cars. The prices of these are part-time. Also in these agencies renting motorbikes and bicycles is possible. Usually these agents are associated with hotels and resorts.

Cocotaxi: are taxis with egg shapes yellow and have three wheels. They make specific routes. Usually they are short because they are motorcycles and only fit two people. They belong to the government and paid in CUC. Usually they are found in areas of Vedado, close to National and Cohiba Hotel.

Bicitaxi: private version cocotaxi. Mainly man driven bicycles. Usually make short runs and are mainly in Old Havana and Old Town. The price is defined by the driver. You pay in both currencies.


bustourTour Bus

carrosantiguosVintage Cars for rent with driver


metrobusRegular Bus

retacarPanataxi. Taxi en CUC



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